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Store Zoom recordings in one centralized place.

Brevy records, transcribes, and organizes your Zoom calls to make post-meeting actions happen.

Chat, Snip, Share

Brevy automatically will record your Zoom calls and save them in a searchable repository. Search call transcriptions to find important snippets. Share those snippets with relevant teammates.

Step 1: Have a Zoom Meeting

Brevy will record your internal Zoom Meetings for later access.

Step 2: Watch Recording

Brevy will auto-transcribe your call and make it searchable.

Step 3: Share

Share short snippets of key information with teammates.

Minimize Attendants

Have you ever joined a meeting “just-in-case” something relevant pops up? With Brevy Minutes, digest any key meeting content without attending the actual call.

All videos transcribed and searchable.

Easily find key moments in calls by searching the transcript. Make comment on those pinpointed segments.

Supercharge your product team with Brevy

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