Introducing Fused Support
Blending human support and AI to provide a modern alternative to customer support outsourcing.
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Trusted by amazing brands
Exclusively for eCommerce
  • We've built deep Integrations with eCommerce tools
  • Our AI Models are trained for retail queries.
  • Brevy takes the actions necessary to resolve tickets.
End-to-end resolution of tickets
No more "Duct Tape and Glue" to maintain your support operations
Scalable Support During Peak Season
Human Assisted Automation for Email Tickets
  • We employ both automation and humans to ensure quality response to every email.
  • We integrate directly into your favorite help desk to pull and answer tickets.
  • Our AI handles the tedious tasks allowing our human agents to get through tickets more quickly.
Benefits of Human Assisted Automation
Consistent, high quality responses
Quicker resolution times
Reduction of "human error"
Human Review for Every Ticket
  • Every automation system has an error rate.
  • To ensure that your customers receive an amazing response every time, our tickets are reviewed by human agents.
  • This fusion provides the best parts of a BPO and automation.
Benefits of Human Review
You get the benefits of AI-based automation without the reputation risk.
Errors are caught and fixed internally minimizing the amount of escalations to your team.
Our agents are able to train the AI model over time providing better and better results.
Does this really work, though?
“I was honestly blown away by the speed and quality of Brevy. During our internal blind QA, we couldn’t tell the difference between Brevy and our best in-house agents. This has allowed us to scale while maintaining our amazing quality of customer support.”
Zoe Rotberg
Director of Customer Experience
What is Fused Support?
Pure Automation
Scales with Ticket Volume
Quick Response Time
Consistently Accurate
Problem Solving Capabilities
Personalization & Human Touch
AI-First Customer Support
Under the hood, we’ve built dozens of AI features to help deliver exceptional support.
Join the AI Revolution
Request a demo to see Brevy's automation suite in action