Cut your AWS bill

Cut your AWS bill

with no change to your infrastructure whatsoever.*

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*Certain restrictions apply. Companies must first qualify to participate in Brevy’s program. Savings are an estimate and may differ case by case. Brevy cannot work with all businesses. Brevy exclusively works with businesses utilizing AWS and cannot help businesses on other server stacks. Brevy reserves the right to alter forecasted savings if AWS changes pricing rates for EC2 and Reserved Instances or alters fees for transferring Reserved Instances. All Rights Reserved.

The Best of Both Worlds

Brevy underwrites 3-year Reserved Instances while enabling customers to keep a month-to-month contract.





EC2 Reserved Instance

50% cheaper







EC2 Reserved Instance

50% cheaper

How to qualify?

Brevy evaluates candidacy based on a set criteria.


18 Months of Runway

Since Brevy underwrites 36 month instances, runway impacts approvals.


No credits remaining

Credits cannot be applied to RIs. You should exhaust them first.


60 days of AWS history

We cannot underwrite companies that recently joined AWS.

Average savings

While Brevy doesn’t impact your RDS or S3 spend, we slice your EC2 bill considerably.

A sample Brevy:

Limited Permissions

Brevy’s access to your AWS account is limited. We cannot modify or touch your instances, read your code, or stop your servers. Our job is saving you money, that’s it.

Pay nothing unless you save.

Pay nothing
unless you save.

Brevy charges you 18% of the savings we earn you. When we win, you win. Keep your month-to-month contract and reap the benefits of reserved instances.

of savings only