Blogs are boring,

Catalogs are


Resource catalog

Organize resources that are designed to convert

Brevy is an out-of-the-box solution to create, manage, and host your customer video and text testimonials, whitepapers, webinars, and other interactive content.
Example interactive content
Blog vs. Catalog
Blogs and catalogs serve distinct purposes to scale your sales.
Blog vs Catalog comparison
Creative Controls
made easy
Style your resource catalog to emulate your brand, look, and feel. Easy.
Catalog styling options

An easy place to find everything

Ensure your sales and marketing team is able to easily search and link evergreen content during their motions.
Search evergreen content quickly
Auto-generate a UTM link
Public, discreet link available to team
Content repository
Commenting/feedback feature screenshot

Feedback features made for posts

Make comments, mark content that needs to be slimmed down, and tag Brevy Phantoms to touch up your copy.
Simple, familiar interface
Enable commenting without edit access
Tag users seamlessly
Screenshot from application with request polished article feature
brevy phantoms

On-demand content help from pros

Brevy can help with getting video and text testimonials, organizing webinars, and other forms of interactive content that will scale up your business’s inbound.
Screenshot from application with request polished article feature

Level-up your content today

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