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your product team’s
daily operations.

your product team’s daily operations.

Brevy makes reporting and sharing issues data-rich and seamless.

Effortlessly record your screen and camera

With Brevy Record, create short screen-recordings with your camera ⁠— a more efficient, personal way to communicate. Each recording is accessible immediately through a shareable link.

Minimize meetings, Slack back-and-forths, and lengthy emails.

Screen-recording made easy.

Access Brevy Record from the browser. Screen-record an app or your entire screen.

Technical Capture

Brevy will automatically snapshot the console to make explaining errors easy.

Action on recordings faster.

Timestamped comments make discussing recordings easy. No follow-up meeting needed.

Capture and report directly on your web-app

With the Brevy Chrome extension, annotate, screenshot, and report issues on your web app and dispatch them to your issue tracking tools ⁠— all in a single click.

No more screenshots littering your desktop. No more issues without context.

Product Teams love Brevy Capture

Capture has dramatically improved our issue tracking system. We’ve been able to reproduce and squash bugs faster.
Steve Johnson, Head of Engineering

Capture has been a game changer for product quality! It's great to be able to point out issues directly on our product without context switching.
Kevin Wu, Product Manager

Never lose the console.

Whenever you report an issue with Brevy, the console log is automatically snapshotted and included. Debug issues seamlessly without ever losing context.

Use cases

Product Managers

can better collaborate by using Brevy.

Ensure alignment across your team

Tackle progress reports, bug bashing sprints, feature reviews, and visual feedback in fewer meetings and emails.

Create a culture of ownership

Encourage every employee to share product feedback. Make your product the result of everyone’s contributions.

Schedules no longer stall progress

Brevy makes communicating asynchronously
headache-free. Solve issues today, not when everyone has time to Zoom.

Clean up your desktop

Brevy eliminates pesky screenshots. Report issues directly from your browser, without ever needing to upload files.

Use cases


can use Brevy’s detailed context to seamlessly solve bugs.

Issues with a console attached

Brevy Capture will snapshot the console for every issue reported. Never ask your teammate to reproduce the bug.

Plug into your issue tracking tools

Don’t lose the little issues in Slack. Brevy makes reporting easy ⁠— every issue will reach your tracking system.

Detail your PRs easier

Brevy replaces lengthy PR comments with  videos. You know your code changes ⁠— walk your teammates through them.

Minimize meetings

Brevy means more focus time and less Zoom fatigue. Get back precious dev-cycles without losing detailed communication.

Use cases

Designers Designers Designers

can visually communicate with product managers and engineers.

Design Walkthroughs

Efficiently record Figma walkthroughs to share with your engineering team.

Design Corrections

Implementations aren’t always pixel-perfect. Make your engineering team aware of discrepancies from the original mock-ups.

No Screenshot Clutter

With Brevy, images of your webapp are organized in a collected place. Spare your desktop of the hundreds of screenshots.

Transcribe and search your Zoom recordings

Easily find key moments in calls by searching the transcript. Make comment on those pinpointed segments.


Plans made for every team.

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